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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”  ~  Romans 10:17

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Sunday Morning MessagesDate
Do You Have a Sword? (Jn. 13:37-38)12/10
We Can! Why Can't We? (Jn. 13:36-38)12/03
Why? Glory!11/19
Seated in Session?11/12
You Won't Find Me There!11/05
Belief Under Test10/22
Coping with the Copeless10/15
It Doesn't Matter, Does It?10/08
Why Things Are Like They Are10/01
Stooping, Not Snooping09/24
Things Are Different Now (Jn. 13:33-35)09/03
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Wednesday Evening MessagesDate
It Is Required to Be Strong (Jer. 20:7) 12/06
Avoiding the Terror (Jer. 20:1-6) 11/29
Learning to Be Thankful 11/22
Tophet Makes for Tingling (Jer. 19:1-15) 11/15
Recovered and Unrecoverable (Jer. 19:1-3) 11/08
Our Thoughts and God's Thoughts 11/01
Prayer in the Christian Life 10/25
Because of His Fullness 10/18
Practicing Being a "Know So" Believer 10/11
Confronting & Confronted, Part 2 (Jer. 18:18-23) 09/27
Confronting & Confronted, Part 1 (Jer. 18:11-18) 09/20
From Regret to Relief (Jer. 18:11-12) 09/13
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New England Bible Conference

NEBC, October 2017Speaker
The Tumbling 'T' (Total Human Depravity) Dr. Robert Congdon
The Tumbling 'U' (Unconditional Election) Dr. Robert Congdon
The Tumbling 'L' (Limited Atonement) Dr. Robert Congdon
The Tumbling 'I' (Irresistible Grace) Dr. Robert Congdon
The Tumbling 'P' (Perseverance of the Saints) Dr. Robert Congdon
In the Locker Room at Halftime Dr. Congdon & Others
NEBC 2017 (cont.)Speaker
What Happened to Our Stewardship? David Moss
What Happened to God? Pastor Parsons
What Happened to the Church? Keith Berkheiser
What Is Happening in the World? Jim Delany
What Is Happening in Your Life? Pastor Parsons
Next Conference: April 23-26, 2018

Messages from the Past

Job Series
1 Job 1
2 Job 2
3 Job 22-23
4Job (Hedge)
5 Elihu, God Is Greater
6 Elihu
7 Knowing We Don't Know
8 Perfect
9 The Storm
10 Awesome
Philippians Series
1   Philippians 1:1
2   Philippians 1:2-4
3   Philippians 1:5,6a
4   Philippians 1:5,6b
5   Philippians 1:9
6   Philippians 1:9-11
7   Philippians 1:11
8   Philippians 1:12
9   Philippians 1:12-14
10  Philippians 1:14-16
G. Zeller’s Messages
Manna (Ex. 16)
The Smitten Rock (Ex. 17:1-7)
The Rebellion of Korah (Num. 16)
The Twice-Smitten Rock (Num. 20:1-13)
What Does the Lord Require? (Deut. 10:12-13)
A Love Relationship (Rev. 2:4)
Seven in Two (Matt. 19:4-5)
Rich Young Ruler (Mt. 19)
Grace to All (Titus 2:11)
Does It Matter? (Titus 2:12)
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