Bulletin Inserts
(Various Devotional and Doctrinal Messages)

These messages are formatted so that they may be used as inserts in church bulletins.

Law and Grace
Heaven's Immigration Policy
This Poor Man Cried
The Single Eye (Matt. 6:22-23)
A Lesson in Biblical Manhood from the Titanic

Auto Recalls and the Creator's Recall
Super Sunday - A Matter of Priorities
Sacrificing One's Son so that Many Might be Saved
Biomimetics Point to the Divine Designer

Examples of God's Providence in American History

Boldly Confessing Christ (Luke 12:8)
Professing that they Know God (Tit. 1:15-16)
The Empty Tomb and Fake News
Imitating Men of God
Imitating Women of God

The Great White Throne - A Sobering Thought for Believers
Which Lives Matter? (In Light of "Black Lives Matter")
A Tale of Two Brothers - Salvation Illustration
Micah 5:2 - A Most Amazing Prophecy
Abraham--Not Where, When, How or Why but Who!

The Absurdity of Rejecting Eternal Security
Dear Friend (Wonderful Salvation Message by Charles Woodbridge)
Every Blessing is in Christ
       Heavenly Care, Comfort and Resources
Ruins of a Once Great Society

The America My Grandchildren Will Never Know
Neanderthal Deception


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