The Message of the Candy Cane


This is a gospel message using the Candy Cane as an object lesson.

It could be used in many ways:

1)  As an object lesson around Christmas time

2)  As a teaching tool in a nursing home ministry or elsewhere [I bought an inexpensive Candy Cane at Wal-Mart which is large and lights up!]

3)  As a Christmas message which can be handed out at Christmas time or included with Christmas cards

4) As a learning tool in family worship

5) As a caroling handout.  During the Christmas season our church families will often go Christmas caroling in nearby neighborhoods and this paper can be handed out along with a Candy Cane.

The message is in PDF format:   CLICK HERE

[It will look better if printed out using a color printer.]

Note:  There are stories being circulated about the man who invented the Candy Cane. These stories claim that he gave it its shape and colors in order to communicate the gospel.  I have not been able to verify these accounts and they may not be true.  The Candy Cane makes a good object lesson even if it were not originally designed with that in mind.


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