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The Middletown Bible Church has published large newspaper messages in three major Connecticut newspapers (The Hartford Courant, The New Haven Register, and The Meriden Record Journal).    

We have also placed large ads in USA Today.  Needless to say these messages were read by people all over the country and also by many people from other nations.  We also have placed a full page ads in The Washington Times.

The messages deal with special topics of the day and they also take advantage of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, President's Day, etc.  In every message God's way of salvation is presented.  Also in almost every message verses from the Old Testament are used because we are mindful of our Jewish readership (Rom. 10:1).

Consider the following newspaper messages:

The 2022 Election
An Election Like No Other

The 2022 Election
It Does Matter, Doesn't It?


Ads Appearing in the Hartford Courant,
The New Haven Register and Other Newspapers

God Sees
and God Cares

PDF Format

I Changed From Religion

Abraham Lincoln
[PDF Format]
[Memorial Day, PDF Format]

PDF Format
(another design)

Independence Day (4th of July)
PFD Format

You Have Existence.
Do You Have Life?
I Can't Find Him
(PDF Format)
The Greatest Gift
Scrooge, Santa and the Saviour
Scrooge Message with Color
"Wise Men"
A Christmas Reminder
Are You A Seeker?
[PDF Format]
Christmas Edition


Who Crucified Christ? [PDF Format] Yesterday,
[PDF Version 1]

[PDF Version 2]
Is the Flag Still There?
(National Anthem Controversy)


Work - How Do You Value It?
(Labor Day Message)
[PDF Format Only]
What Do
You Value?
PDF Format Only

The 2022 Election
An Election Like No Other

It Does Matter,
Doesn't It?
Because of His
We Need Him Today!
 How Is Your Heart? Mother's Day Ad
Father's Day Ad Guilty or
Not Guilty?
Which Way
Is Up?
Flag Day
[PDF Format #1]
[PDF Format #2]
Your Answers
Make the Difference!
(Easter Season)
My Heart
God's Garden
(Springtime Ad)
I'll Pay
Big Bill!
Life's Heavy Burdens
(In Light of our
Country's Woes)

Color Edition
The Near East Situation
[PDF Format #1]
[PDF Format #2]
Too Late?
(New Year's Ad, but
good for other times also)
Tricked or Treated?
Who Crucified
Make America
more to come



USA Today Ads

It Does Matter, Doesn't It?
(2016 Election--Trump/Clinton)

Vote for the Upcoming Election (PDF file)
(2008 Election--McCain/Obama)

Vote for the Upcoming Election!
(2004 Election--Bush/Kerry)

Safe Sin??
 (Aug. 15 and Aug. 27, 2003)

It Doesn't Matter, Does It?
[PDF Format]

What Do You Value?
[PDF Format]

Vote for the Upcoming Election!
(2000 Election--Bush/Gore)

[More will be coming in the future]


Washington Times Ads

Vote for the Upcoming Election
(October 29, 2004-the Friday Before the Election--Full page ad)

Safe Sin?? (PDF file)
 (September 17, 2003, full page ad)


See our Yellow Page Ad.


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