Lordship Salvation


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Chapter 11



This study on Lordship Salvation is also available in attractive booklet form (32 pages), available from the Middletown Bible Church (50 cents each plus shipping).


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Lordship Salvation Requirements - What do Lordship Salvation advocates say a person must do to be saved?   How does this line up with Scripture?


Charles Spurgeon and Lordship Salvation


John MacArthur's Position on Lordship Salvation - Documenting Some Inconsistencies


A Comparison and Contrast Between SALVATION and DISCIPLESHIP


The Relationship Between Good Works and Salvation - a helpful chart


Submitting to His Lordship   - Sunday School Lesson


Am I a True Believer? Do I have a real and right relationship with the living God?  Am I really saved?



Saved By Grace Alone

A Biblical Analysis of Lordship Salvation

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