We desire to have a conference for Bible concerned believers. Our PURPOSE is as follows:

  • to honor and glorify the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • to lift up the fundamental and foundational truths which are necessary for God honoring growth and glory (John 17:22; Eph. 5:27), even God's Word, the Bible;
  • to give God's prescribed place, prominence and priority to His CHURCH, to His local assemblies;
  • to provide for a fellowship among Bible believers which encourages and strengthens the hearts for God;
  • to promote dispensational truth as delineated and clarified in the doctrinal statement;
  • to warn against apostasy and modern-day compromise;
  • to exhort one another, and so much the more as we see the day of Christ's coming at hand.

The New England Bible Conference

The New England Bible Conference is an annual gathering of Bible loving men from the New England and surrounding states. It is a two day conference which is held on the third Monday and Tuesday of September. It begins at 1:00p.m. on Monday and ends with the evening service on Tuesday. Housing is available with families from the host church on a first come, first served basis. Meals are served by the host church on a free-will offering basis. There is no pre-registration fee for the conference, though offerings for the conference are taken during the evening services.

The desire has been to hold an old-fashioned type of Bible Conference (similar to the early Bible and prophetic conferences, etc.) where God's Word lifts our hearts, warning and thus warming; where the Person and Name of Christ will be exalted and the churches strengthened. We are not interested in forming a complex organization or holding lengthy business meetings. God's people need to be encouraged and edified and enlightened in these days. We desire to hold a healthy Bible conference where God's people (men and women, not just pastors) can gather together in the presence of God and His awe-inspiring, inerrant Word.

Our emphasis in particular has been upon the great fundamentals of the faith, dispensational truth and church truth (the church which is HIS BODY). We make every effort to have speakers who are in full harmony with our doctrinal position and who can proclaim God's precious truth in a way that is in harmony with our stated purpose.

The Independent Fundamental Bible Conference

The Independent Fundamental Bible Conference shares the same purpose and doctrinal position as the New England Bible Conference. This Conference was first held in April of 1994. At that time Bible believing men throughout the country saw the need to maintain doctrinal integrity in a day when doctrinal convictions were being compromised and when doctrinal errors were being tolerated. These men decided to hold a Bible Conference for mutual encouragement and edification.

The Independent Fundamental Bible Conference is a four day conference which commences on the fourth Monday in April. It begins on a Monday evening (allowing time during the day on Monday for people to travel) and ends at noon on Thursday. Housing and meals are provided on the same basis as the New England Bible Conference. There is also no registration fee, but offerings are taken during the evening services to help cover conference expenses.

Are You Interested?

A complete doctrinal statement is available upon request. This includes a lengthy clarification regarding dispensationalism and movements contrary to the faith. Those men interested in becoming members of the New England Bible Conference should request an application. Members must be in complete agreement with the doctrinal statement. You do not need to be a member to attend the Bible Conferences.

The Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee is made up of the members of the Bible Conference. These are saved men of good moral character and conduct who seek to manifest the LIFE of the indwelling Christ and who seek to outwork the truths of God's Word in their daily lives.

All speakers are considered based upon our stated purpose and based upon our doctrinal position. We are living in days when it is difficult to find God's kind of man to fill the pulpit for such an occasion. The Committee, in making these decisions, seeks to work with the information it has and the understanding of our day in the light of God's Word. Those asked to speak must be standing upon the truths of the Doctrinal Statement. They must be consistent in representing the God-honoring position and purpose of the conference. We seek the mind of Christ in these decisions and those asked to speak have been unanimously approved by the entire committee. We are open to suggestions you might have.

How May We Help You?

___ Please send me a doctrinal statement.

___ Please send me an application for membership in the New England Bible Conference.

___ Please put me on your regular mailing list so that I will receive information on the conferences.

Write to:

Bible Conference
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The Middletown Bible Church
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(860) 346-0907

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