Claims are Made by Christ For Himself Which Could be True Only of One Who is God.

This study is adapted from Dr. Alva McClain’s notes, revised by Dr. John Whitcomb and Ivan French, and used by permission of Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana.  This is one of the finest studies ever produced on the deity of Christ, and every student of the Scriptures should master this material.

A. Christ claimed absolute authority over the laws and institutions of God.

  1. The law of Moses (Matthew 5:31-34; 38-39).
  2. The temple (Matthew 12:6). Remember, every Jew knew that the pattern and plan of the temple was given by Jehovah Himself.
  3. The Sabbath (Matthew 12:8 – Christ is "Lord even of the Sabbath Day"). Every Jew knew that the Sabbath was instituted by God (Genesis chapter 2).
  4. The Kingdom (Matthew 16:19).

B. He claimed to be the supreme object of saving faith equally with the Father.

C. At times Christ pointed to Himself alone as the true object of men's faith and devotion, with no mention of the Father.

D. Our Lord insisted that the highest and most precious of human ties and devotion must yield to Him.

E. He claimed that in Himself all the deepest spiritual and eternal needs of humanity are completely satisfied.

  1. The knowledge of God (Matthew 11:27).
  2. The way to God (John 14:6).
  3. The door to salvation (John 10:7-9).
  4. Light for the soul (John 8:12).
  5. The water of life (John 7:37).
  6. The bread of God (John 6:35,51).
  7. Rest for the soul (Matthew 11:28-30).
  8. Spiritual guidance (John 10:11).
  9. Security from danger (John 10:28-30).
  10. Fruitbearing energy (John 15:5).
  11. Life and Resurrection (John 11:25-26).


The amazing thing about Christ was that HE PREACHED HIMSELF!

"I AM....."
"Come unto ME"
"He that believeth on ME"


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