Manís Purpose--Why Am I Here?


In the first chapter we asked the question, "Where did I come from?" Now we are ready to consider another very important question, "Why am I here?"

If I can read the paragraph above, then I must be alive! Why am I alive? What is life all about? What am I here for? What should I be doing? Is there any meaning to life?

The object of a football game is to score a touchdown (or field goal) and to keep the other team from doing the same. Those football players know why they are on the field. They know what their purpose is, and they know what they should be doing.

The object of a basketball game is to get the ball into the basket and to prevent the other team from doing the same. Every basketball player knows this, and thus he (or she) plays with direction, with purpose, and with an object in mind. If you could find a person who has never seen a basketball game and were to put him in the stands to watch a game, he would not know what is going on! At first the movements would all seem meaningless. He would ask, "Why are all these people running back and forth and waving their arms and bouncing a ball?" But, as soon as he were to discover the purpose of the game, he would see that the various motions make sense!

We are all "players" in the "game" of life. It is a very serious game.  There are winners, and there are losers. What is the object of this game called "LIFE"?  What is the purpose of it all?  All kinds of people are running around, working, playing, sleeping, eating, crying, laughing and dying. Is there any meaning to all of this activity?

Why Do You Exist?

There are hundreds of things that we see and use every day that have a real purpose. Here are some examples:

A broom might say, "Iím a brush with a long handle used for sweeping up floors! Yes, Iím a tool used by people to help keep things clean and tidy. I know why Iím here!"

A refrigerator might say, "Iím an electrical appliance that keeps things cool. Food stored in me will tend to stay fresh and will not spoil so fast. I know why Iím here!"

A car might say, "Iím a vehicle that moves on wheels. I provide transportation for people so that they can move quickly from one place to another. I know why Iím here!"

Do you know why you are here? Do you know why you exist? Do you know what your purpose is?

Did someone make the broom? Did someone make the refrigerator? Did someone make the car? These things were all made for a purpose. Did Someone make you? Why were you made?

When someone makes something, there is usually a purpose for it:

Why does a cook make a sandwich?
Why does a carpenter build a bookcase?
Why does a mother knit a sweater?

Things are made for a purpose. The person who makes something (the maker) knows why he is making it!

Are You an Accident?

As we studied in the last chapter, the theory of evolution teaches that there is no maker and no creator. Everything that exists has come about by chance or by freak accidents of nature called mutations. Why am I here? The evolutionist would say, "Things just happened to work out that way. You are very lucky to be here, or very unlucky to be here, depending on how you look at it!"

Suppose you were helping your parents paint the garage. Around noon your mom brings you a sandwich and tells you to take a lunch break. As you reach for the sandwich, you accidentally knock over the paint can, and your sandwich is suddenly the same color as the garage! This paint-covered sandwich came about as the result of an accident. Can you eat it? Can you use it for anything? Will it serve any good purpose? Will you end up throwing it away?

Evolution teaches that man is an accident of nature. There is no real reason or purpose for why we are here--it just happened that way. We are nothing more than an intelligent animal, and like all other animals, the day will soon come when we will die. According to the theory of evolution, there is NO MAKER, NO CREATOR and NO PURPOSE.

Is There a Maker?

In Genesis 1:26 God said, "Let us _______________________ man." Was man made by a Maker or did man evolve by chance? _____________________ In Psalm 95:6, the Bible says, "Let us kneel before the our M ____________." Who is our Maker? _______________

Did God have a reason for making the stars? Did God have a reason for making the birds and the fish? Did God have a reason for making you? The Maker knew what He was doing! The Maker made no mistakes! You are not an accident, and you are not a mistake! You have been made for a reason!

Does Life Have Meaning?

Why am I here? Sometimes as I look around and read about or observe the world I live in, life seems very meaningless.

* I see people dying. The average person only lives to be about ____________ years old (Psalm 90:10).
* I see wars--people killing and being killed.
* I see sickness and suffering.
* I see disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, airplane and automobile crashes, etc.).
* I see people going through their daily routines: waking up, getting dressed, eating, brushing their teeth, going to school, coming home, eating, watching television, going to bed, etc.

Where is the meaning in all of this activity? Sometimes it doesnít seem to make sense.

Have you ever worked a jigsaw puzzle? Slowly the pieces go together. It doesnít look like anything at first. Too many of the important pieces are missing. It is hard to imagine what the finished puzzle will look like.

When we look at death, wars, sickness, suffering, disasters, etc., we are looking at only some of the pieces of lifeís puzzle. These are real pieces, and they are part of the picture, but they are not the whole picture. The biggest piece in the puzzle is God Himself. If we leave God out and fail to see Him, then we will never be able to see the true picture.

Think again of the broom, refrigerator and car, and imagine if they could think as people do.  If the broom were never used by anyone, would it discover its purpose? If no food were ever put into the refrigerator, would the refrigerator ever learn why it exists? If the car never had any people riding in it, would it understand why it was here? Without people, the car could never understand the purpose for which it was made. Without God man will never understand the purpose for which has been made. We must not leave God out of the picture.

Just as a broom was made for people to use  and
Just as a refrigerator was made for food  and
Just as a car was made for people,
So man was made for God!

Please MATCH:

1. _______ Isaiah 43:7 A. God formed man "for Himself".
2. _______ Isaiah 43:21 B. All things were made for Godís pleasure.
3. _______ Colossians 1:16 C. Man was created for Godís glory.
4. _______ Revelation 4:11 D. All things were created by Christ and for Christ !

To find out the meaning and purpose of life, I must get to know the God who made me, and I must learn from Him why I am here! Many people do not know why they are here because they do not know their MAKER. He is the only One who can give meaning to lifeís puzzle.

What Do You Live For?

People live for many things. Let us consider some of the things people live for:

1) "I live for money and wealth!"

Is this really what living is all about? How much wealth did you have when you entered this world (1 Timothy 6:7)? _________________ How much wealth will you take with you when you leave this world (1 Timothy 6:7 and Psalm 49:17)? ____________________ Everyone started poor, and everyone will end up poor! If you are going to end up just as poor as anyone else, then why should you waste your whole life trying to figure out how to get money and worrying about how to hang on to it once you get it?

2) "I live for fame and popularity!"

Even the most famous people are not really as famous as we think, and as time rolls along, people forget even the greatest of men and women. Let us illustrate this:

Of all the people who were born...

Who are some famous people who have lived or who are living in this century (from 2000 to the present)?

Who are some famous people who lived from 1900 to 2000?

Who are some famous people who lived from 1800 to 1900?

Who are some famous people who lived from 1700 to 1800?

Who are some famous people who lived from 1600 to 1700?

Who are some famous people who lived from 1000 to 1100?

Who are some famous people who lived from 500 to 600?

Who are some famous people who lived from 200 B.C. to 100 B.C.?

The longer people rest in the grave, the less famous they become!

3) "I live for success!"

But what is success? Is a person successful when he becomes a millionaire? Then why have so many millionaires been unhappy and lonely, and why have some even taken their own lives?

4) "I live for pleasure!"

Hebrews 11:25 says that the pleasures of sin are only for a _______________ (that is, they are only for a time; they are temporary). The drunk might take pleasure in drinking, but there is always the hangover the next morning. You might find pleasure in going into a candy shop and eating all you want, but the enjoyment will only last for a short time, and then comes the tummy ache!

5) "I live for self!"

Those who live for self, seek to please self, and think only of self are miserable creatures. Haman is an example of such a person (see Esther 5:9-13).

6) "I live for television or for my computer. Thatís all I care about. Life is meaningless without television or my computer."

What about all the people who lived on earth before the television and computer were invented? Did they all live meaningless lives?

7) "I live for love. Having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) is all I am concerned about."

Is finding a mate the main reason man is on this earth? Is there something more important for man to seek for and find (Jeremiah 29:13)?

8) "I live for sports. Life has no meaning apart from playing baseball, football, soccer, basketball or some other sport!"

The best athletes can only play for so long. Injuries may come. The body gets old. Very few professional athletes keep playing past age 40. If the meaning of life is found in sports, then does life lose its meaning when I am old or if I break my leg?

9) "I live for happiness!"

Everyone wants to be happy, but what will really make me happy? Will fame or success or money or health? The only person who can be truly happy is the person who KNOWS HIS MAKER and who understands why he has been made!

10) "I live for nothing! Life is meaningless, and I have no reason to live. Often I think that suicide is the only solution to this existence that seems to have no purpose behind it."

What does Philippians 1:21 say?

For to me to live is...

  1. Pleasure
  2. Wealth
  3. Success
  4. Fame
  5. Self
  6. The Lord Jesus Christ
  7. Sports

Your Maker knew what He was doing when He made you! Do you know the God who made you? Are you beginning to learn why He made you and why He put you on this earth? If you are saved, are you beginning to learn why He saved you?

The Christian is able to say, "I live for the Lord Jesus Christ. God has created me so that I might know Him and glorify Him and enjoy Him forever!"

Life has purpose now it never had before.
There is meaning to each day and even more,
For a joy and peace I canít explain is mine,
Since I found new life in Christ, my Lord divine.

--John Peterson--

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