Object Lesson

Theme:  Spiritual Growth

Desiring More (1 Peter 2:3)



1 Peter 2:3 (Potato chips)

Last week we had a newborn baby up here and what verse did that hungry baby remind us of?  [See 1 Peter 2:2 Object Lesson]

1 Peter 2:2 (Turn there, say it together)

Say verse 3 together.

Have you tasted that the Lord is gracious? When you were saved as a newborn child of God, didnít you experience His grace?

Iíd like to do a taste test. I have some potato chips and I want to find out if they are good.

(Eat one and then several others)

If you taste something, and it tastes good, then you are going to want more. You are not going to be satisfied with just one; you are going to want to have more and more!

When you have tasted that the Lord is gracious, you are not going to be satisfied with that initial taste, you are going to want more. You are going desire to learn more and more of your Saviourís grace and of His kindness. What you have already tasted of His kindness should whet your appetite to feed more and more on Him. You are going to have a desire for more. Desire the pure milk of the Word so that you can learn more and more about the One who saved you. You are not going to close your Bible and walk away after that first taste. You are going to keep the Bible open and keep on tasting, keep on learning.

If I eat too many of these chips it might not be good for me. But if I feast on Christ and learn of Him, I never have to worry about having too much.

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