Object Lesson

Theme:  Learning About God

Three Amazing Paper Circles


Cut three strips from a newspaper (top to bottom), each strip being about 2 inches wide.  Or, you can cut 2 inch strips from the long side of a poster board.

With these strips make three circles (tape or staple the ends together).

1) First circle is a normal circle (no twists).

2) Second circle involves one turn (180 degrees). This is the circle that really only has one side (as we shall see)!


3) Third circle involves two turns (360 degrees).



Discuss the first circle. Why does it remind us of God? (God has no beginning and no end; He is eternal).

There are some things about God that are hard to understand. For example, how can God be one and yet be three?  There is only one God, but God has revealed Himself in three Persons (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).  However, there are not three Gods, but only one God. (Talk about the Trinity).

Now take circle #2 and say, "Just like it is hard to understand certain things about God, it is also very hard to understand this circle.  This circle has two sides and yet it only has one side.  How can this be?

Now demonstrate that this circle has two sides and yet only one side.


On one side of the circle, write the number 1 and on the other side write the number 2.  The strip of paper clearly has two sides and you have numbered them 1 and 2. 

Put your thumb on number 1 (in a way that the children can see what you are doing) and start sliding your thumb along the circle.  Your thumb stays on one side of the paper.  You will eventually come to the number 2, thus demonstrating that this circle really has only one side. 

Jesus, who was always God, became a Man and was born in Bethlehem. Does this mean that He stopped being God?  No, He became a man but He did not stop being God (He is the God-Man).  Cut circle #1 down the middle all the way around and you will end up with two equal circles shows us that Christ is equal with God the Father.

 Ask the class, in what ways are Jesus and the Father equal?  [Both are eternal, both are all powerful, both are all wise, both are loving, both are holy, both are present everywhere, both know all things, etc.].

When a person believes in Jesus and receives Him as Saviour, a wonderful thing happens. He is connected to the Lord Jesus forever.  He is one with Jesus Christ, joined to Him forever.  Christ said, ďI will never leave you and never forsake you.Ē Cut circle #3 and you will have two circles connected (linked together).


Finally talk about John 3:16. God so loved the world.  Emphasize the word "SO."  How great is Godís love?  It is so great! How big is Godís love? It is so big. Now cut circle #2 and you will have a so-great circle, a circle that is twice as big as the original circle.

It's a very fun and captivating way to discuss certain aspects about God.

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