Object Lesson

Theme:  Salvation

Cleansed by Jesus Christ


The Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, Cleanses Us From All Sin

Have three medium-sized glasses (so you can clearly see the contents).

Label each glass with a little label at the top.  One glass is marked SIN; one glass is marked MAN; and one glass is marked JESUS.

Prior to the lesson you should fill each of the glasses.  The glass marked SIN should be filled with iodine.  The glass marked MAN should be filled with water.  The glass marked JESUS should be filled with bleach.  Each glass should be filled with the same amount of liquid but should not be filled to the brim.  Fill each glass 2/3 full or 3/4 full.  The glasses with bleach and water will both look like they contain water.  The iodine has a dark, dirty looking color. 

Begin by talking about the "MAN" glass.  The water looks very pure.  When was man pure and clean?   The only time was in the garden with Adam and Eve.  Did their purity last very long?   No, soon sin entered the world (using a spoon add some iodine to the "MAN" glass.  So when we were born into the world, we did not begin pure but we started out with Adam's sin (add more iodine).  But we are not only impure because of Adam's sin, but also because of the things we have done.

Sometimes we tell lies (add a little iodine).

Sometimes we get angry at a brother or sister (add a little more iodine).

Sometimes we say words we should not say, such as swear words (add a little more iodine).

Sometimes we disobey our parents (add a little more iodine).


What can I do to make myself pure?  What if I decide I'm going to try to live better and obey my parents and love my sister, etc.?   But even if no more sin is added, I still have all the sins that were added previously?   How can I get clean?   What can wash away my sins?  "Nothing but the blood of Jesus."

The Lord Jesus died on the cross so that we could be clean and pure.  "Thou shalt call His Name Jesus for he shall save His people from their sins" (Matt. 1:21).  He died so you could be pure, but what do you need to do in order to be pure? The Bible says that if we believe in Him we will receive forgiveness (remission) of sins (Acts 10:43). 

When we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and receive Him as our Saviour, watch what happens (pour a good amount of bleach into the dirty "MAN" glass.  The sin will amazingly disappear (might need a little stirring).  The children will be amazed to see the dirty water turn into pure water very quickly.  God can make us pure and clean on the inside.

Now that we are saved, is it still possible for us to sin (1 John 1:8,10)?  But when we sin now, it's quite different, because the blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, keeps on cleansing us from all sin (1 John 1:7).  So let's say you sin by getting angry at your sister.  What happens then?   [put a spoonful of iodine into the "MAN" glass, and as soon as it hits the liquid, it will turn clear and pure]  

Even though God has cleansed us from all of the sins we commit now that we are saved, yet it is still important for us to do what?  (1 John 1:9).  You need to tell God that you have sinned, and also you need to tell your sister that you were wrong to get angry with her, and by doing this you will keep your relationship with God right and you will keep your relationship with your sister right.

Jesus Christ is the only way we can get pure and keep ourselves pure!  He's a wonderful Saviour!


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