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Mother's Day Object Lesson


I brought several items to class to remind us of all the things that Mother does for us.


First, I began with a story (you will need a magnet and perhaps some paperclips for the magnet to pick up):


A science teacher had a lesson on magnets, and he showed his class how magnets can pick up metal objects (show this with your magnet and paperclips).  The next day the science teacher had a little quiz for his students.  One question was this:  What begins with the letter "M," has six letters, and picks up things.  Of course, the answer he expected was "MAGNET." However, one student wrote on his quiz paper:  MOTHER!    It's a funny story, but a reminder of how Mom picks up things all the time and keeps the house looking nice.  We should help her by picking up our toys and clothes and other items and putting them in the right place.  Mom should not do all the picking up by herself!


The following items were also used to remind the children about Mother's tender loving care:


A thermometer -

This reminds us how Mom takes care of us when we are sick (I took time to take the temperature of each child).  We had an easy-to-use forehead thermometer. 

Some broccoli or other vegetable -

I asked the class if they liked eating broccoli.  Some did and some did not.  But it was a reminder of how Mom gives us good and healthy things to eat, even if we don't like everything.  She knows what is good for us.  Do you think it would be good if Mom called you in for supper and the table was full of candy and ice cream and cake and nothing else? 

A remote -

Sometimes there is a good program on TV and Mom turns it on.  But other times there is a program that is not so good and Mom turns off the TV and suggests that you read a book or go outside and get some exercise, etc.  Mom is very careful about what she allows your eyes to watch.  [Song:  "Oh be careful little eyes what you see."]

Car keys -

A reminder of how Mom drives us everywhere we need to go.

A Rod -

The rod of correction reminds us that Mom loves us so much that she must correct us when we do wrong.

A cooking utensil such as a spatula -

A reminder of all the meals that Mom prepares for us.  It takes a lot of planning and time to prepare a good meal.

A book -

A reminder of the time when Mom reads to us and helps us to learn to love books.

A sock -

A reminder of the laundry Mom does so we can have clean clothes.  It takes a lot of time to wash the clothes, dry them, fold them and put them away.

A small blanket -

This reminds us of how Mom tucks us in at night, prays with us and says "Good night."


How thankful we should be for our Mothers and for all they do for us!  What can we do for Mom?


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