Object Lesson

Theme:  Body of Christ

Altos Out of Harmony



Living in todayís world, there is much that a person could be fearful about.

But Psalm 56:3 says "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee."

Weíre going to share with you a song entitled, "How Can I fear?"

(The choir sings the song, but the altos have a mind of their own and they sing "Joy to the World" instead.)

(The director stops the song prematurely.) That sounded absolutely horrible. We had a beautiful song about not needing to fear because Jesus is near, but our altos had something else in mind. They decided to do their own thing and sing their own song, and it certainly did not blend in with what we were seeking to do. They were not following the director; they didnít want to do what the choir was doing; instead they did their own thing, sang their own song, and it resulted in disharmony. That song did not help the assembly; because of the altos it was a confusing mess.

You know, the same problem can be found in the local assembly. There can be a small group of people who are out of harmony with what the body of believers is seeking to do. They are supposed to be following the Director, following the Lord Jesus who is our Head. But instead they do their own thing, sing their own song, have their own ideas, complain if things are not going their own way.  Sadly, all of this is working against the movement of God in the assembly. However, when the believers all work together under Christís direction, and harmonize together, what a difference it makes.

Now letís see if the altos can repent of their stubborn insistence on singing their own song, and weíll see if they can harmonize with the entire choir as we seek to present a message about not being afraid!


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