Object Lesson

Theme:  Atheism

April Fool's Day
and the Atheist


The first day of April will soon be here.

Let's have a sword drill. Organ side look up Psalm 14:1. Piano side look up Psalm 53:1.

I'd like us all to read the first sentence, both sides: "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God."

The foolish atheist says, "There is no God."

An atheist was once complaining to his Christian friend: "You Christians have all these holidays. You have Christmas and Easter and Good Friday, and even Thanksgiving. But we atheists don't have any holidays.

The Christian answered, "Sure you do. What about April First?"

April Fools Day:  "the fool hath said in His heart..."

But before we make fun of atheists, we need to look in the mirror ourselves, because as believers we are often foolish. And many times we too say, "There is no God."

What do you mean? I'm not an atheist. I would never say, "There is no God."

Yes you do. Did any of you worry last week? If so, you were saying, "There is no God who cares for me."

Were any of you afraid last week? If so, you were saying, "There is no God who is with me to protect me."

Were any of you disappointed by circumstances and by things that happened this past week? If so, you were saying, "There is no God who works all things together for my good."

There are many other ways in our unbelief that we say "There is no God." Don't be a practical atheist.



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