Object Lesson

Theme:  The Origin of Nations

The Confusion of Languages
at Babel


Have seven (plus or minus) volunteers, each one able to speak a different foreign language. These people must be asked to volunteer ahead of time.

In Genesis chapter 11 we learn of the confusion that took place at Babel, when for the first time in human history, people started speaking in different languages.

Tonight we're going to see if we can reproduce some of that confusion.

(Volunteers come forward.)

When I give you the signal, I want you to start talking. Don't speak in such a soft voice that we cannot hear you.

Okay, ready, start talking. (Sounds very confusing!)

Now have each person say a sentence by himself and identify what language it is.

On the day of Pentecost the believers were speaking in different languages, and every man heard the wonderful works of God in his own language.

But the most wonderful thing about different languages is found in Revelation chapter 5 where we are told that there will be those out of every nation and out of every tongue, out of every language who have been redeemed to God by Christ's blood: trophies of God's grace out of every nation. Some of them are standing here tonight.

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