Object Lesson

Theme:  Victory Over Sin

Bad Habits



Let's think about those bad habits in our lives:   things that we do that are wrong or unprofitable, and which we wish we could get rid of. Maybe we have tried real hard to defeat these bad habits but they keep winning and we keep losing.

Here's a glass that's filled with air.  Just imagine that this is really bad air and that I need to get this bad air out of the glass.

How can I get the bad air out?

(Try different methods.)

1)  The person doing the object lesson tries to get the air out with a spoon.  Impossible!

2)  Next, he tries to suck the air out with a straw.

3)  Next, he tries to turn the glass over and shake the air out, but to no avail.

4)  Next, he tries to blow the air out (give it a hearty blow!).

5) Next, he grabs a vacuum cleaner and tries to suck the air out with a high powered vacuum.

Finally, he uses the only method that works.  He fills the glass with water and all the bad air goes out.

When we let the Lord Jesus fill every area of our lives, the bad habits will be replaced. "Be filled with the Spirit"; "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly"; "that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith."

Instead of getting frustrated trying to get these bad things out of your life, why not concentrate on letting the Lord Jesus fill your life, and allow Him to rule from the throne of your heart. Remember, whenever we try we fail; whenever we trust; He succeeds.

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