Object Lesson

Theme:  Trusting God

How to Respond
To Bad News


How to Respond to Bad News

Bring with you a number of headlines from the news (from newspapers or from some other news source), all representing bad news. 

Oh no, the news is not good!

(Some sample news items that could be shared)


A country trying to get nuclear weapons.

Israel surrounded by enemies.

Wars in various places.

Economic problems.

The national debt is trillions of dollars.

Americans are losing their freedoms.

Disease spreading.

Crime taking place.


Indeed, this news is very bad.

At this point a young girl comes up and says, "Excuse me, I have a message for you." She hands me an envelope. [Of course, this is all prearranged.]

I open the envelope and within is a piece of paper which says, "Ps:112:7"

I have the class or congregation turn to that verse and read it in unison!

"He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD."

We do not need to be afraid of bad news because we can trust in the Lord.  He is in control of everything. 

In the world there is a lot of bad news, but God has good news for us!

Can you think of good news that God wants us to know about?

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