Object Lesson

Theme:  Wonders of Creation

The Banana



Hold up a banana or have a child hold one up.

How many of you like bananas?

I hope that all of you are in the habit of thanking God for the food that you eat. God has given us wonderful fruits and vegetables and grains and meats. God has given us all these things richly to enjoy. And I especially would like to thank God for the banana.

This amazing fruit fits comfortably in the human hand. Even a child can easily hold it.

It has a non-slip surface so it wonít slide out of your hand. The inside of the banana peel is very slippery, but the outside is different.

The outside color of the banana tells you what is on the inside. If itís green, donít eat it yet. If itís yellow, itís ripe and ready. If its black, then maybe you waited too long unless you enjoy eating slimy and gooey stuff.  Maybe you should use it to bake banana bread.

The banana has a handy tab for removing the wrapper. (Demonstrate as you go; or have the child demonstrate.)

The wrapper is perforated so that you can easily pull it down (fold the banana peel lengthwise and you will see that itís perforated about every quarter of an inch).

Also the wrapper is biodegradable.

The banana is shaped so that it perfectly fits the human mouth and has a pointed top for ease of entry.

Most of all, itís not bitter or sour, but its sweetness is pleasing to the taste buds.

And itís extremely nourishing, containing lots of potassium and fiber. It provides an energy boost, contains vitamin B6, and helps prevent heartburn, high blood pressure, and depression; it also helps boost brain power.

And men, they are great for polishing your shoes. Eat the banana, rub the banana peeling on your shoes, buff with a soft cloth, and then sit back and admire your shoe polishing job.

The banana did not evolve. It was created by God for manís benefit and blessing. Itís one of the wonders of Godís creation. The God who made the banana is a God who really cares for each one of us. He really knows how to provide for us the things that we need and the things that are good for us. Thank God for the banana!


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