Object Lesson

Theme:  Sharing Christ with Others

Beautiful Feet


[Prior to the lesson I stood on a poster board and my wife outlined both my feet with a pencil and then I made it darker with a thick permanent marker.]

Hold up poster board?

What are these?

Whose feet?

I stood on this paper and my wife outlined my two feet which are not the most beautiful part of the human body.

What can we notice about these feet?  First, we notice that these are the feet of an athlete, as revealed by the fungus known as athlete's foot. If you look closely you might notice some hard calluses and some knobby corns and perhaps a wart or two. There also might be an ingrown toenail. The large protrusion you see on the footprint on the right is known as a giant Paul Bunyan.

The brown area on this other foot is a spreading ailment known as the creeping crud. This grey area on the other foot is a rare foot problem identified as African Jungle Rot.

Yes, I'm not sure we would say that the human foot is the most beautiful part of the human body.

But listen to what God says, "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" (Rom. 10:15).

A missionary was preaching in the village market, and some of the people were laughing at him because he was not a very handsome man. He took it for a time, and then he said to the crowd, "It is true that I do not have beautiful hair, for I am almost bald. Nor do I have beautiful teeth, for they are really not mine; they were made by the dentist. I do not have a beautiful face, nor can I afford to wear beautiful clothes. But this I know: I have beautiful feet! God tells me so!" He then quoted the verse found in Romans 10:15.

I hope that this week you will have beautiful feet. I hope that your feet will carry the message of the good news to some needy soul this week. Perhaps we can all pray that this week God will give us opportunities to share the good news with others, and then next Sunday night during testimony time, we might be able to share how God answered that prayer.

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