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Theme:  Christian Life

Cell Phone



There’s something I see everywhere I go. It’s one of these (hold up a cell phone). People use these things wherever they are. They use them when shopping in the store. They use them while they are driving in a car (I wouldn’t recommend that). They use them when they are walking in the woods, when they are out in a boat, when they are high up in a tall building. They use them all the time. They are calling their friends; they are calling their loved ones; they are calling their coworkers.

As we watch people making these calls throughout the day, it should remind us that we need to place a call to the most important Person of all. We need to call God’s number and talk to Him. His number is never busy. We’ll never be put on hold. He’s always awake and available. There are never long distance charges. “The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth” (Psalm 145:18). It’s wonderful to know that we can call upon God at any time of the day, and we can call upon Him no matter where we are: not just when we are in trouble! We can call on Him when things are going well also. [What kind of marriage would it be if the wife only talked to her husband when she was in trouble or needed something, or if the husband only talked to his wife when he wanted clean clothes or a hamburger. That would not be much of a relationship.]

So as you see cell phones all over the place, may they remind you to think about this question. Have I been placing calls to my Heavenly Father? Am I in the habit of conversing with Him throughout the day? Am I in good communication with Him on an hourly basis? (Repeat Psalm 145:18). I have a helper who is going to remind us of something very important: (a little girl came up wearing a tee shirt which said, “Prayer: The greatest wireless connection!”).

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