Object Lesson

Theme:  The Body of Christ

Choir Members
Doing Their Own Thing


Have the choir stand up to sing. Each choir member will open the hymnbook to a favorite hymn, probably one different than the hymn that the singer next to him is looking at. Have the choir sing a capella, each member singing his own song (also have the choir members stand up at different times and not look at the director, be unruly, etc.) It will sound absolutely horrible.

(Choir sings)

The Lesson:

That was terrible! That was the worst harmony I have ever heard, in fact, I donít think there was any harmony. Each choir member did whatever he wanted to do. Each choir member picked a hymn, whichever one he wanted, and sang it. No effort was made to blend. None of them cared about the choir director and what he wanted. They didnít follow the director. Every choir member did his own thing and sang that which was right in his own ears, and you all heard the result. It was a disaster!

Each choir member chose a beautiful hymn, which if sung by itself would have been very nice. However, you canít have beauty unless there is unity, and my choir members were all doing their own thing and they didnít care much at all about working together to create something beautiful.

We are members of the body of Christ. We have been given an assignment, that with one mind and with one mouth we are to glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 15:6). We are to be in harmony with our Head, allowing Him to direct us, following His lead, obeying His instructions. We are not to be doing what we want, and we are not to be doing our own thing. We are to be saying, ďLord, what wilt Thou have me to do? Not my will but Thine be done.Ē

As believers, we are to be in harmony with each other, submitting one to another, serving the Lord together, following the same Book, singing the same song, going the same way (Godís way), rowing together, not contrary to one another.

We are fellow members of the same body. As the world looks at us, they need to see the same message from each of our lives. We donít want them to hear different conflicting tunes. We want them to hear the same song from each of us, the song of a soul set free.

The world needs to hear a unified harmony, a Christ-centered testimony:

(We then had the choir sing one stanza, a capella, of MAY THE MIND OF CHRIST OUR SAVIOR.)


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