Object Lesson

Theme:  God's Protection

Tissues in Glass Stay Dry

After Being Immersed


Briefly tell the story of how God protected the three friends of Daniel in the fiery furnace so that not a hair of their head was singed, their clothes were not burned, nor did they smell of fire, etc. (Dan. 3:27).

Then use a simple science experiment to show protection, using not fire but water. Fill a bucket full of water and have a full size glass. Have each child (assuming there are not too many children) write their names on a sticker which then each child will affix their name to a tissue. Stuff all the tissues into the glass toward the bottom, so when you turn glass over the tissues will not fall out.

Then turn the glass upside down and immerse it totally in the bucket as the children count to 10 (one one thousand, two one thousand, etc.).  Of course you are holding onto the glass to make sure it stays in position. Then lift the glass out of the bucket, turn it right side up, and pull out the tissue with tongs. Every tissue will be totally dry. Explain to the children how the air in the glass protected the tissues. Just as the air in the glass is invisible and protected the tissues from the water, so the Lord is invisible but He is with us all the time to protect us, etc.

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