Object Lesson

Theme:  Trusting God

Fear and Faith
Cannot Live Together

Fear and Faith

There are some people who just cannot stay in the same house with each other. They donít get along with each other. If one comes in, the other has to go out. There were once two people and their names were Nasty and Nice. Nice was in the house, having a very nice time, but as soon as Nasty entered the house, Nice said, ďThatís NastyĒ and Nice left. The next day Nice came into the house, and immediately Nasty took off, and Nice was left in the house all by herself.  They could not live together in the same house.

One time there was a girl who was very sick and she was even going to die. The girlís father came to Jesus for help. After the girl died, Jesus said to him, ďDo not fear, only believe.Ē   See Mark 5:46.

Have two signs:  one says FEAR with large letters and other that says FAITH with large letters.

(Hold up fear sign) Do not fear!

(Hold up faith sign) Only believe!

Fear and faith cannot live in the same house at the same time.

Think of your heart as a house. If you invite fear into your house, then faith is going to have to leave. And if fear is in your house you are going to be very afraid, and worried about everything and greatly troubled. Thatís not a nice way to live. Thatís a nasty way to live.

You can invite faith to come into your house. That means you are going to trust God and believe what God says. And when faith comes into your house, then fear has to leave. He cannot stand it when faith is around. He takes off. When faith is in your house, what a wonderful way to live! Faith always looks to a great God. Faith says, "My God is greater than any problem I have, and I donít have to be afraid. Iím trusting a great God."

Ps:56:3: What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.

What does this mean? It means this: When I find myself afraid, I need to invite someone into my house. I can invite faith into my house. Iím going to trust in a great God. And when faith enters my house, that nasty fear will go away.

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee!"

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