Object Lesson

Theme: Salvation

God's Free Gifts of
Air and Salvation


God's Free Gifts of Air and Salvation

Boys and girls, did you ever think that on every side of you is one of the most wonderful things in all of God's universe? It's something that you can't do without, you can't see, and is absolutely free. You don't have to pay for it, but it's so important that if you didn't have it, you would die. What do you think it is?

The air we breathe! And there's another free gift that God has given us which is even more important than the air we breathe, and that gift is God's Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We can't have eternal life without Him.

I've just decided something. I'm going to stop taking the gift of God's air. I don't need the air that God has given me, so I won't use it any longer. I'll stop breathing right now. (Hold your breath for a while.)

(After finally breathing) I've changed my mind. I need the gift of God's air. I need to breathe. Didn't I look rather foolish holding my breath and refusing God's air? And yet, there are people who foolishly refuse to take the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. God freely offers eternal life, peace with God, forgiveness of all sins and it is all free. Sadly, many refuse to take it.

God's salvation is a free gift. Either you receive it as a gift or you refuse it and die.

When I refused to take the air, what would have happened if I had not started to breathe again? Eventually I would have died because I need air to live. A human being cannot live without air, and you cannot live eternally without Jesus Christ. If you do not take the gift of God's Son, then God says you must eventually perish.

Let's say Rom. 6:23 together. "For the wages..."

[Adapted from Easy Object Lessons, Charles C. Ryrie, p. 6]

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