Object Lesson

Theme:  Faithfulness

Basketball and Little Things



[Note:  The one doing the object lesson can choose a game of local interest which would illustrate the same thing]

I notice on the front page of the Hartford Courant:  Uconn 56, Kentucky 55.

In a game such as that the little things are so important.

For example, Kentucky missed 8 out of 12 free throws. If Kentucky had just made one more of those, they may have won the game. Uconn made 9 out of 11 free throws. If they had just missed one of those, the outcome may have been quite different.

The little things are so important in a game like that. Every little thing a player does on the court is either helping his team or hurting his team. Is he willing to dive for a loose ball? Is he willing to box out and fight to have a good position for a rebound? Is he able to make the right pass at the right time to the right person without turning the ball over? Every little play he makes or fails to make can make the difference in the game's outcome.

As believers we are members of the same team. Our goal is to bring glory to God and honor Him. Our Saviour has told us in Luke 16:10 to be faithful in that which is (what?)....least! The little things that you and I do are very important. A kind word, a loving act, denying self so that another person can be helped—the little things done in Jesus’ name make a big difference.

A man who worked for a bank was due for a good promotion. He was about to get a big increase in salary. One day at lunch the president of the bank, who happened to be standing behind the clerk in the cafeteria, saw him slip two pats of butter under his slice of bread so that they wouldn’t be seen by the cashier. That little act of dishonesty cost him his promotion. It was just a little thing. Just ten cents worth of butter made the difference. The bank president reasoned that if an employee could not be trusted in little things he could not be trusted at all.

He that is trusted in that which is small
Can be trusted with that which is great;
The Lord often tests us with trifles, you see,
To check our "fidelity rate."

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