Object Lesson

Theme:  The God of the Impossible

Match Lifting An Ice Cube


Talk about how God can do the impossible:  God can make an axe head float; part the Red Sea, turn water into wine, heal a man who was born blind, cleanse a leper, create everything out of nothing, make it possible for a wicked sinner to enter God's holy heaven, etc. 

The object lesson shows the children something that seems impossible, and they will be surprised to see something happen that they thought could never happen.

You need an ice cube, a bowl of water, a large wooden match (a popsicle stick might work also).  Put the ice cube on a plate and place the match on top of it lengthwise, and ask the children if they think it is possible to lift the ice cube with the match.  Then if you wish, you can place the ice cube in a bowl filled with water, and place the match on top of the ice cube.  Ask the children if they think you can pick up the ice cube with the match.  Then take a salt shaker and sprinkle salt on the ice cube. In just seconds you will be able to pick up the ice cube with the match.

"Salt water does not freeze as easily as ordinary water, and scattering salt on ice makes it melt.  The salt grains on the ice cube also do this.  However, when a substance melts, heat is consumed at the same time. This heat is taken from the moisture under the match, where no salt fell, in this case---and it freezes" (Simple Science Experiments, Hans Jurgen Press, Experiment #103).

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