Object Lesson

Theme:  The Rapture

Separating Believers Out From Among Unbelievers

[Salt and Pepper Illustration]


Take some time to talk about the rapture, how God will separate believers out from among the unbelievers and take them to heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).  You can talk about how important it is to be saved so that when the Lord comes you will be ready for His coming, etc.

Object lesson to illustration this truth: Separating pepper from salt. Shake out some salt and pepper onto a piece of aluminum foil. Ask the class:  "Suppose your Mom gave you a chore to separate the pepper from the salt. Would that be easy to do?"  They will most likely talk about how difficult that would be.  Show them a plastic spoon and say, "Do you think it would be easy to separate the pepper from the salt using this plastic spoon?"  Again, they would this this to be nearly impossible.

Then rub the plastic spoon vigorously on your hair (to create static electricity). Then pass the spoon very close to the salt and pepper (but not touching the salt and pepper) and many pepper pieces will jump up and attach to the spoon. The pepper will be separated out from among the salt.  Do it again or even have a volunteer who is willing to rub the spoon on his or her hair.

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