Eternal Generation


Is This a Biblical Doctrine?



David Beale has written a two volume set entitled Historical Theology In-Depth.  I would highly recommended these two volumes.  David Beale taught historical theology at Bob Jones University Seminary for 35 years.  He has researched both church and Bible history in Israel, Turkey, and other countries and has written several books, including In Pursuit of Purity and A Pictorial History of Our English Bible.  He has also written an excellent book on the Pilgrims.


In Volume 2 of Historical Theology In-Depth, Dr. Beale has an excellent chapter on the teaching known as Eternal Generation.   He skillfully shows how the doctrine of the Eternal Sonship of Christ is a Biblical doctrine, but the teaching of Eternal Generation is based on the misunderstanding of a Biblical word and on the questionable speculation of various men throughout church history.  We have been given permission by Bob Jones Press to reproduce this chapter:


To read this chapter, click here [PDF Format].


--George Zeller

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