The Eternal Sonship
of Christ

by George Zeller and Renald Showers


PDF of the Entire Book

Title Page and Dedication

Foreword by Dr. John Whitcomb

Preface by the Authors

Chapter 1--The Deity of the Son

Chapter 2--The Pre-existence of the Son

Chapter 3--The Incarnation of the Son

Chapter 4--The Doctrine of Eternal Sonship

Chapter 5--The Denial of Eternal Sonship

Chapter 6--The Defense of Eternal Sonship

Chapter 7--The Meaning of the Term "Son of God"

Chapter 8--The Meaning of Psalm 2:7

Chapter 9--Dealing with Problems and Objections

Chapter 10--The Necessity and Importance of Doctrine

Appendix A--The Term "Son of God" in the Light of Old Testament Idiom by Dr. Herbert Bess

Appendix B--The Testimony of Men (What Others Have Said About Christ's Eternal Sonship)


Resources for Further Study

PDF of the Entire Book



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