(As Found on the Pages of the New Testament)

Table of Contents



I Am Responsible...

My Responsibility...

Especially For The Saved Person:

Especially For The Unsaved Person:


My Responsibility...

On the following pages this procedure will be followed:

The various categories of responsibilities will be listed in the same order as given in the Table of Contents. To the right of each category will be a Key Verse. This will be followed by a summary statement. Finally the verses that pertain to the category will be listed in the order in which they are found in the New Testament (from Matthew to Revelation). The verses given in parentheses are verses which relate indirectly to the category.

A suggestion for studying a particular category:

Choose a category that is of need of interest to you. Prayerfully and carefully look up all the references, jotting down in a notebook what each verse teaches you about this particular responsibility and how God expects you to faithfully perform it. After going through all of the verses, review all your notes and write your own summary paragraph (similar to the summary paragraphs found in the Scofield Bible).


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