"A Solitary Way"

Psalm 107:1-9

By An Anonymous Christian

(A Classic Tract on How Christ Can Satisfy the Lonely Heart)


A copy of this little tract was found by me in a restaurant in New York City white waiting for my noonday lunch about two years ago. I procured and distributed many copies. Recently I have been compelled to walk in "a most SOLITARY WAY."  The original was obtained by a gentleman while making a tour of Scotland, who says of it: "During many lonely hours, such as will come at times even in the most pleasant of foreign journeys, it was often read, and always with great comfort. It enabled me to realize more fully than ever before how wise and how loving God is in all his dealings toward his children. Grateful for the blessings the precious poem had brought to me, I published, on my return home, a large edition for free distribution. From far and near have come communications from those to whom it has proved helpful, and in response to many requests a fourteenth edition, making 185,000 in all, of the leaflet is now sent out to carry good cheer to those who wander in 'a solitary way.' "   --J.H.S.



Proverbs 14:10; 1 Corinthians 2:11

There is a mystery in human hearts,

And though we be encircled by a host

Of those who love us well, and are beloved,

To every one of us, from time to time,

There comes a sense of utter loneliness.

Our dearest friend is "stranger" to our joy,

And cannot realize our bitterness.

"There is not one who really understands,

Not one to enter into all I feel;"

Such is the cry of each of us in turn,

We wander in a "solitary way,"

No matter what or where our lot may be;

Each heart, mysterious even to itself,

Must live its inner life in solitude.


Job 7:17; Matthew 10:37

And would you know the reason why this is?

It is because the Lord desires our love.

In every heart he wishes to be first.

He therefore keeps the secret key Himself,

To open all its chambers, and to bless

With perfect sympathy and holy peace,

Each solitary soul which comes to Him.

So when we feel this loneliness, it is

The voice of Jesus saying, "Come to Me;"

And every time we are "not understood,"

It is a call to us to come again;

For Christ alone can satisfy the soul,

And those who walk with Him from day to day

Can never have a "solitary way"


Isaiah 40:16; Psalm 34:22

And when beneath some heavy cross you faint,

And say, "I cannot bear this load alone,"

You say the truth. Christ made it purposely

So heavy that you must return to Him.

The bitter grief, which "no one understands,"

Conveys a secret message from the King,

Entreating you to come to Him again.

The Man of Sorrows understands it well,

In all points tempted HE can feel with you.

You cannot come too often, or too near.

The Son of God is infinite in grace,

His presence satisfies the longing soul,

And those who walk with Him from day to day

Can never have a "solitary way."


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