O Lord, I present myself to Thee (Rom. 6:13; 12:1):

        My will, my time, my talents, my tongue,
        my property, my reputation, my entire being....

...To be and to do anything Thou requirest of me now;

As I have given myself to Thee I am no longer my own (1 Cor. 6:19-20), but all that I have is the Lord’s and belongs to Thee.

I believe that Thou wilt accept the offering I bring.
I bring just me.

I trust in Thee to work in me all the good pleasure of Thy will (Heb. 13:21).

I am willing... receive what Thou givest, lack what Thou withholdest, relinquish what Thou takest, surrender what Thou claimest, suffer what Thou ordainest, do what Thou commandest, wait on Thy will, rest in Thee, ‘til Thou should come.

                O God, make me still.

Pastor George Parsons
Taken from a message given on Mother's Day, 5/8/94


The Middletown Bible Church
349 East Street
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 346-0907

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