Basic Doctrinal Worksheets
for New Believers

Lesson 3

Salvation: Why Do All Men Need to Be Saved?

All Men Are Wicked, Lost and Dead.



Why do all men need to be saved?

All men need to be saved because they are wicked.

1)  Jeremiah 17:9-10. "The heart is _______________ above all things, and__________________ ______________." In this verse, the expression "desperately wicked" really means "incurably sick." We are so wicked that God says we are like a person who has a deadly, incurable disease. It is a disease far worse than cancer or leprosy or AIDS--it is the number one killer-SIN!

2)   Mark 7:20-23. The Lord Jesus, the Son of God, spoke these words. Did Jesus agree with Jeremiah 17:9? __________ According to the Lord Jesus (Mark 7:20-23) is man’s heart basically evil or basically good? __________________________Write down six of the things that go out (proceed) from within us, proving that our hearts are wicked and diseased (Mark 7:21-22):

1. 4.
2. 5.
3. 6.

In Mark 7:23, Jesus described these things as "____________ things." After studying Mark 7:20-23, we must conclude that man’s basic and biggest problem is (circle the right one):

a. hunger b. corrupt government
b. poor housing e. pollution in the water
c. wars f. an evil and polluted heart

3)  Matthew 7:9-11. According to these verses, did the Lord Jesus say that men are good or evil? ____________ According to these verses (especially verse 11), is it possible for an evil person to do good things? ________ Therefore, when we see people doing what seems to be kind and good deeds, does this mean that these people are not evil?____________

All men need to be saved because they are lost.

1)  Luke 19:10. What one word did the Lord Jesus use in order to describe those people for whom He came to seek and to save? ______________

2)   Isaiah 53:6. In this verse, Isaiah said that we are like lost _____________. According to Isaiah 53:6, how many of us have gone astray and wandered away from the Lord? ________________ Therefore, how many men and women, boys and girls are really lost?___________________ In Isaiah 53:6 we learn that instead of following God’s way, we have all turned to our _________ way and in Judges 21:25 we learn that every man did that which was right _____________________________. In Matthew 10:6, the Lord described the Jewish people as "the_______     ________________ of the house of Israel" and in Matthew 9:36 the Lord was moved with compassion when He saw the crowds of people because they were_____________________ abroad, as ___________having no ____________________. In I Peter 2:25, what does Peter say we were like before we were saved?________________________________ To Whom did we return when we were saved (1 Peter 2:25)?______________________________Read John 10:11 and Psalm 23:1. Who is the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls? __________________________ (Note: The words "Bishop" means somebody who watches over us and looks out for us, lest we should fall into danger, an Overseer).

All men need to be saved because they are dead.

1)  Genesis 2:17. What did God say would happen to Adam if he should eat the forbidden fruit? __________________________ When did God say this would happen?_____________________________________________________ Did Adam die physically on the very same day that he ate the fruit (Genesis 5:3-5 may help you to answer this question)? __________ Therefore, in Genesis 2:17, was God speaking primarily of physical death? _______ Read Genesis 2:25 and Genesis 3:6-7. Did a change take place with respect to Adam and Eve after they sinned? _______  According to Genesis 3:19, was physical death part of the curse that was placed upon man because of Adamís sin? ________

2)  Ephesians 2:1. Before we were saved we were ______________  in ________________________and________ (see also Ephesians 2:5 and Colossians 2:13).

3)  John 5:24.  The moment a person is saved he passes from (out of) ______________ unto (into) ________ (see also 1 John 3:14). Therefore, before a person is saved he is in a state of ___________. According to John 6:47, what does a person have the moment he believes on the Lord Jesus Christ? _________________________ Therefore, the unsaved man is spiritually dead because he does not have ___________________________ In Ephesians 4:17-18 we learn that the unsaved man is alienated from (separated from) _______     __________     ____      __________.  Therefore, the dead person (Ephesians 2:1) is the person who does not have God’s life. The moment a person is saved he is "quickened" (Ephesians 2:5) which means he is "made alive." According to 1 John 5:11, where is eternal life to be found? __________________________ Read 1 John 5:12. If a person has the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord, what does he also have? ____________. The person who does not have the Son of God does not have _____________. If a person does not have life, then he is dead! Therefore, we may say that the person who does not have the Son of God is _____________. In John 17:3 what does Jesus say eternal life really is? _____________________________________________Therefore the person who does not know the Father and the Son (in a personal way) does not have _________________________. Thus we may say that the person who does not know God is __________________________

4)  John 3:14-16 and John 5:24 and John 6:47.

What must dead men and dead women do in order to have life?  __________________________________________________________