The Problem Of Doubt

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God says what He means and means what He says! It’s Impossible for God to ______ (Heb. 6:18; Tit. 1:2) or deceive. Whenever God speaks, He speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (Num. 23:19; John 17:17). God makes no mistakes and He is never wrong. People may err (be in error), but not the Bible (Matt. 22:29). In Mark 14:49 Jesus said that the _____________________ (that which God has said and which has been written down in the Bible) must be _________________________.  Everything God says must come to pass! Therefore, what a terrible sin it is to DOUBT God’s Word and to QUESTION what He has said!

In Genesis 1:3 we read, "AND GOD SAID, Let there be light." What is the very next thing that this verse says?  ___________________________  Did God’s Word come to pass?________

Write the first 3 words in
Genesis 1:6:

_____    ______     ________
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Write the last 4 words in
Genesis 1:7:

_______    ______    _______     _____
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Please complete the following chart:

God Speaks

Genesis Chapter 1

And It Comes to Pass

 v. 9 _____ ______ ________ dry land appears v.9 _____   ___   _____  ____
v.11_____  ______  _______ vegetation v.11_____  ___  _____   ____
v.14 ____  ______  ______ sun, moon, stars v.15 _____  ___  _____   ____
v.24 ____  ______  ______ land animals v.24  _____  ___   _____   ___
v.29 ____  ______   ______ food for man and beast v.30  ____   ___   _____    ___
Psalm 33:9---"For ________    _________________ and _____    _________   __________
Psalm 148:5---"for ______    ______________ and _______   _________    _____________


All that God says must come to pass! See if you can find the FULFILLMENT for the following promises and predictions of God:

AND GOD SAID (Prediction) AND IT WAS SO (Fulfillment)
1.  Isaiah 7:14 Matthew 1: ______
2.  Psalm 22:18 Matthew 27: _____
3.  Matthew 26:34 Matthew 26: _____
4.  Matthew 27:63 Matthew 28: _____
5.  1 Kings 13:3 1 Kings 13: ______

Can you find other promises and fulfillments in the Bible?

Has God ever failed to fulfill a promise (Joshua 21:45; 23:14)? _______ Everything will come to pass just as God has said!

Questioning God’s Word

Satan is called the great L ________ (John 8:44) and DECEIVER (Rev. 20:3,8,10). In Genesis 3:1 he questioned God’s Word, "YEA, ________    ______    ________"  ("DID GOD REALLY SAY THAT?").  Ever since the Serpent met Eve, he has been trying to make men and women question and doubt God’s Word. One example of this is found in 2 Peter 3:3-4 where the scoffers (mockers) of the last days are saying, "WHERE IS THE _________________ OF HIS ______________?"

Genesis 3:1
(Did God really say not to eat?)

2 Peter 3:3-4
(Is Christ really coming again?)

What PROMISE was given to Abraham in Genesis 17:15-16? _______________________________ Did Abraham BELIEVE God’s Word or did he QUESTION God’s Word (Gen. 17:17)? ______________________________________________ What PROMISE did Sarah hear in Genesis 18:10? ___________________________________ Did Sarah BELIEVE God’s Word or did she QUESTION God’s Word (Gen. 18:11-12)? ________________________________  Therefore, this son was named ______________ (Gen. 17:19) which means "LAUGHTER" as a constant reminder to his parents that they should never DOUBT God’s Word or LAUGH at God’s Promises!!

Contradicting God’s Word

Not only does Satan want us to QUESTION and DOUBT God’s Word, but he also wants us to CONTRADICT and DENY what God has said. In Genesis 2:17 God told Adam that he would surely (most certainly) ________ if he would eat the forbidden fruit. Did God’s Word come to pass (Genesis 3:6; Romans 5:12)?  _______

Genesis 2:17 Genesis 3:4
God said
"Thou shall surely die!"
The Serpent Said:
"Ye shall not surely die!"

Consider Matthew 16:21-22. Jesus SPOKE and said He must suffer, die and be raised again. Peter should have said, "Lord, You have SPOKEN, and even though I don’t understand it, IT MUST BE SO!"  But Peter said the very opposite, "THIS SHALL _______ BE!" Who inspired Peter to CONTRADICT and DENY God’s Word (Matthew 16:23)? ___________________________

It is a terrible sin not to believe what God says. Indeed, according to 1 John 5:10, the person who does not believe God is actually accusing God of being a _____________!  PERISH THE THOUGHT! MAY IT NEVER BE!

Is It Ever Right To Doubt?

Sometimes DOUBT can be a virtue! At times it is necessary to question what someone says! If we believe everything people tell us, we can get ourselves into trouble. Though we usually believe what men tell us (see 1 John 5:9), we should not always believe what people say, lest we be DECEIVED:  

    1. Should Joshua have doubted the words of the inhabitants of Gibeon (Joshua 9:3-15)? _______
    2. Should the man of God have doubted the old prophet (1 Kings 13:11-18)? _________
    3. Should Eve have doubted the Serpent (Genesis 3:1-5)? ______
    4. Should the wise men, have doubted Herod (Matthew 2:8)? ______
    5. Should Naaman have doubted Gehazi (2 Kings 5:20-27)? ________
    6. Should Abimelech have doubted Abraham (Genesis 20:1-5)?______
    7. Should the world doubt the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2:3-12)? ______

Most often we believe the words of men (1 John 5:9), but sometimes men lie and deceive, and we need to be careful. Sometimes it’s right to doubt what men say, but it is never right to doubt what God has said!   Why not?  ____________________________________________________

The Doubting Disciple

Who was the doubting disciple (John 20:24-29)? _______________ What pleases God the most, belief based on sight or belief based on what God has said (John 20:29)? ________________________ Was Thomas the only one who doubted the resurrection (Matthew 28-17; Mark 16:14; Luke 24:17-20? _________ Was Thomas the only doubting disciple (Matthew 14:31)? ______   Did doubting Thomas become convinced Thomas (John 20:26-28)? _______

Assurance of Salvation

Many people have doubts about their salvation: "Am I really saved?" "Do I really have eternal life?" "Have I lost my salvation?" "Have I committed the unpardonable sin?" "Will I really go to heaven when I die?" "I don’t feel like I’m saved."

It is wonderful to know that we do not need to doubt our salvation, but we can K_________ that we are saved and have eternal life (1 John 5:13). This assurance ("I’m sure that I’m saved") is not based on FEELINGS, but it is based on what God has said:


Have you believed on Christ (John 3:16)? Have you come to Him as a lost sinner who desperately needs a Saviour (John 6:37)? Have you received Christ as your Saviour from sin (John 1:12)? Do you believe that Christ died to take the punishment for your sins and rose again to give you His life (1 Cor. 15:3-4; Rom. 4:25)?  Are you RIGHT NOW  trusting in Christ and in Christ alone for your salvation (Acts 4:12)? If so, then God says that you HAVE ETERNAL LIFE (John 6:47)! Don’t doubt Dim or question Him or accuse Him of being a liar (1 John 5:10), but just REST down upon what HE HAS SAID and start to enjoy the gift He has given you (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8-10; 2 Corinthians 9:15)!

Tempting The Lord
A Dangerous Form of Doubt

1. What does the place name "MASSAH" mean (Ex. 17:7; Deut. 6:16)? ____________________________________

2. What question did the children of Israel ask in Exodus 17:7? ____________________________________________________

How did the LORD previously prove that He was among His people,
in Exodus 14:13-31?___________________________________________
in Exodus 15:22-27? ___________________________________________
in Exodus 16:1-31? ____________________________________________

Thus we can say that their question in Exodus 17:7 was an expression of (circle one)    (a) innocent curiosity as to whether or not God was with them     (b) a deep inner belief that God really was with them (c) doubt as to God’s care and provision for their every need   (d) their concern for Moses--they asked Moses this question just to see if their leader had the proper theological credentials.

3. According to 1 Samuel 17:39 we learn that TESTING (tempting) involves doubting the quality or character of something.  David doubted the quality and suitability of what? ___________________________________  If your life depended upon jumping out of an airplane with a parachute, would you want that parachute to be tested by an expert before it is time to jump? ________ Which did David trust more--his armour or his God? _______________ Is God worthy of our complete unquestioning trust or do we first need to test Him before we will trust Him? ___________________________________________________

4. TESTING (tempting) also involves questioning.  As you do the following matching exercise, pay close attention to the various QUESTIONS that are asked in the various situations of testing:


1) ____  Is Solomon really as wise as they tell me he is?  Let's see how well he answers my QUESTIONS!

A.  Exodus 16:4

B.  Exodus 17:7

C.  Deut. 8:2

D.  Deut. 13:3

E.  Psalm 78:18-19

F.  1 Kings 10:1
      2 Chron. 9:1

G.  Judges 2:22


2) ____ Will they walk in My law or not?
3) ____ Will Israel keep God's commandments of not?
4) ____ Will you love the LORD your God with all your soul or will you be deceived by a false prophet?
5) ____ Will they keep the way of the LORD or not?


6) ____ Can God furnish (provide) a table in the wilderness?
7) ____ Is the Lord among us or not?

Therefore, it can be said that we test God whenever we DOUBT AND QUESTION HIS CHARACTER, that is, whenever we question His faithfulness, His power, His care, His concern, His presence, His love, His fairness, His sovereign working, etc.

5. Matching:

1. ____ The man who tests God says: A. Don’t test Him, trust Him!
2. ____ The man who trusts God says: B. God is faithful!
3. ____ God has every right to say: C. Will you be faithful to Me?
(compare Judges 2:22)
4. ____ A helpful rule for the believer: D. Is God faithful?

6. Read Numbers 21:4-6. According to the New Testament commentary on this passage (1 Cor. 10:9), how is their sin identified and described? ________________________________________________ Thought question: In what way did they question God’s character? _____________________________________________________________________________ 

Why is Numbers 21 :4-6 relevant and important to us today according to 1 Corinthians 10:9,11?
__________ ___________________________________________________________

7. Today we tempt the LORD whenever we question and doubt

1.____ God’s sovereign working in our lives for our good. A. Phil. 4:13

B. Phil. 4:19

C. Exodus 17:7
    Psalm 46:1

D. Romans 8:28

E. Psalm 23:1
2.____ God’s shepherding care and concern.
3.____ God’s super-abundant power and ability for every situation.
4.____ God’s ample supply for every need that we have.
5.____ God’s ever present help in time of trouble

8. Did the Lord Jesus need to test God as to whether He would really keep His promise of angelic protection and care (Matthew 4:6-7)? ______ Did God the Father fulfill this promise (v.11)?_______

9. What is the conclusion to this whole matter (Deut. 6:16)? _____________________________________________________________________

10. True or False:   _____________    Israel tempted the LORD because they had no clear evidence or proof of Godís working on their behalf (Psalm 95:9).

We do not need to prove (test) God because God has already proven Himself to be everything He said He is!  If God could save your soul (solve your greatest problem), can He also take care of your day by day problems? _______  Does it make much sense to QUESTION or DOUBT His problem solving ability by daily complaints, murmurings and worries? __________

CONCLUSION: Only trust Him (Mark 5:36)!