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Touch Not (The Blessing and Curse of Touching)  - Devotional Thought

Baits and Hooks  - Object lesson to warn about temptations

No Greater Love (Air Florida Flight 90)  - Devotional Thought

Two Kisses Relating to our Lord's Substitutionary Death - Devotional Thought

Book of Romans Salvation Bible Study [booklet format]- An 8-page simple fill-in-the-blanks study of God's plan of salvation using only the book of Romans

Heart Garden Series:
Heart Garden Plan (1) - Devotional Thought
Preparing and Protecting My Heart Garden (2) - Devotional Thought
My Heart Garden Blooms (3) - Devotional Thought

Perfect Timing (Galatians 4:4) - Devotional Thought

Fascinating Facts Pertaining to Our Matchless Saviour - Devotional Thought

History's Most Important Birth - Devotional Thought

Will God Do What He Says? - Devotional Thought

Being Thankful FOR WHAT - Bible examples of what people are to be thankful for

Thanksgiving: Being Thankful FOR WHAT? - Devotional Thought

God and the Nations (Acts 17:26) - Devotional Thought

You Are Not Saved Yet! (The Future Aspect of Our Salvation)  - Devotional Thought

The Importance of Using Accurate Terminology (Isaiah 5:20)  - Devotional Thought

Our Blessed Savior! One Person Having Two Natures - Our Savior Was Fully God and Fully Man

What God's Creation Means to Me Personally - Devotional Thought

Who Can Escape Death’s Clutches? (Houdini and the Risen Christ)  - Devotional Thought

Let's Edit (Biblically Handling One's Thoughts)  - Devotional Thought

The Lamb Without Blemish and Without Spot  - Devotional Thought

God's Awe-Inspiring Power and Its Practical Significance  - Devotional Thought

John 17:3 - Does John 17:3 Prove That Jesus Is Not God? --A Jehovah's Witness Argument Answered

Treasures of the Night - Devotional Thought

In Control:  Amazing Events in the Life of Christ  - Devotional Thought

The Treasures of Darkness  - Devotional Thought

The Indwelling - What Should This Truth Mean To Me?  - Devotional Thought

The Wonder of the Indwelling  - Devotional Thought

Looking Through Binoculars (Viewing God and Our Circumstances)  - Devotional Thought

Grounded and Gazing  - Devotional Thought

Soul Flight Series
Soul Flight #1 - Soul Flight
Soul Flight #2 - Soul Serenity
Soul Flight #3 - Soul Food

My Heart Christ's Home - A classic illustration of what it means to allow Christ to be Lord of every area of your life

Does Matthew 21:43 Support Replacement Theology?

What American Presidents Have Said About the Bible

Biblical Race Theory 

The Death Penalty for Mankind and for Christ Our Substitute -- What Does It Involve?

The Cross-Work of Christ According to the Scriptures  - May we be eternally grateful for what the Lord Jesus did for us!

The Twelve Disciples  - Thirteen Chapters on the Twelve Disciples, also including James and Paul (newly revised) 

Numbers 22 - Why Was God Angry With Balaam?

Majestic Mountains of Sacred Scriptures - Dr. Manfred Kober's fascinating study of the key mountains in Scripture (Ararat, Moriah, Sinai, Nebo, Carmel, Gerizim, Hermon, Seir, Mount of Olives

The Christian Life and How It Is To Be Lived - This booklet has been completely rewritten and should be helpful and practical.

Problems With Post-Tribulationism A brief study by Manfred Kober showing that Christ will return in two phases separated by seven years

Commentary on Acts by Dr. John Whitcomb  - Completed through chapter 16

The Prewrath Rapture Theory Answered

Sentence Sermons, Bulletin Fillers, Edifying Quotations, Pithy Proverbs (Hundreds of These) - More will be added week by week.

Object Lessons to Teach Bible Truths - Great for children and adults appreciate them also.

Is It Wrong to Question a Person's Profession of Faith?  --Or, is it dangerous to give a person false assurance of salvation?

Bulletin Inserts - Devotional Thoughts and Short Bible Studies Formatted to be Used as Bulletin Inserts. New ones are added weekly.


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